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Lakes Region in Victoria offers breathtaking beauty with its network of pristine inland waterways. Enjoy water activities on Lake Eildon or explore the unique ecosystem of Lake Tyers. Visit charming lakeside towns, enjoy fresh local produce, or discover native wildlife in the area. With its scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere, Lakes Region promises a refreshing and enriching experience.

The Lakes region in Australia is a captivating area renowned for its abundant lakes and waterways. Located in various parts of the country, including Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia, it offers a diverse range of natural wonders and recreational opportunities. Visitors can immerse themselves in activities such as boating, fishing, kayaking, and birdwatching. The tranquil atmosphere, scenic landscapes, and rich biodiversity make the Lakes region a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation amidst serene waterscapes.

“The Lakes” is famous for its serene lakes and water activities.


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The best activities to do in Lakes include fishing, boating, kayaking, water skiing, and enjoying lakeside picnics and barbecues.

The Lakes area features scenic picnic spots and lakeside parks, providing serene settings to enjoy a leisurely picnic or relax by the lakeshores.

Tourists should visit the Lake District for its breathtaking landscapes, bird watching, fishing, boating, and hiking opportunities.