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Step back in time in Ballarat, a city rich with Australian gold rush history. Tour the open-air museum of Sovereign Hill, or visit the Art Gallery of Ballarat, the oldest and largest regional gallery in Australia. Enjoy the region’s beautiful gardens and parks, including the enchanting Ballarat Botanical Gardens. Offering a glimpse into Australia’s past, Ballarat is a destination filled with cultural treasures.

Ballarat is a city in Victoria, Australia. It became famous during the gold rush in the 1850s when gold was discovered there. The city grew quickly and was even rivaling Melbourne in wealth and influence. Ballarat is known for the Eureka Rebellion, an uprising by miners for their rights, which led to the introduction of democracy in Australia. The city has a rich history and well-preserved heritage.

Ballarat is a historical gold-mining town with beautifully preserved Victorian architecture.


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Top historical sites in Ballarat include Sovereign Hill, the Eureka Centre, Ballarat Botanical Gardens, the Ballarat Tramway Museum, and the Ballarat Gold Museum.

Ballarat offers guided gold mine tours and experiences, providing a chance to delve into the region’s rich gold rush history and explore underground mining operations.

Visit the Ballarat Sovereign Hill Museum to experience Australia’s gold rush history, or the Art Gallery of Ballarat for a rich collection of Australian art.