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Discover Capricorn, where stunning coastal scenery meets rich historical charm. Visit the beautiful Capricorn Caves, explore the Byfield National Park, or delve into the region’s maritime history at the Yeppoon Lagoon. With its warm climate, diverse flora and fauna, and friendly communities, Capricorn offers a unique and rewarding Australian experience.

The Capricorn region is in Central Queensland, known for its stunning coastline and fascinating hinterland. Here, visitors can explore the Capricorn Caves, an impressive limestone cave system with guided adventure tours. The region is also home to Rockhampton, the Beef Capital of Australia, boasting a rich heritage and variety of steak houses. A visit to the Great Keppel Island is a must, with its turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and a reef ripe for snorkeling. The Capricorn region is an enticing blend of nature, adventure, and gastronomy.

Capricorn is loved for its caves, national parks, and historic towns.


Uncover valuable insights in our FAQs section below to enhance your Capricorn experience and make the most of your time enjoying the coastal beauty and discovering the hidden treasures of the stunning caves in this remarkable region.

Must-see attractions in Capricorn include the Capricorn Caves, Mount Archer National Park, Great Keppel Island, Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, and the Dreamtime Cultural Centre.

Capricorn offers scenic coastal drives or routes, such as the Capricorn Coast Scenic Loop, providing stunning ocean views, coastal towns, and natural attractions.

The Capricorn Coast starts at the seaside town of Emu Park and extends to Keppel Sands, the longest continuous beach on the Capricorn Coast.