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North Coast NSW presents a unique blend of stunning coastline, lush hinterland, and diverse cultural experiences. Visit the bustling seaside town of Byron Bay, known for its vibrant surf culture and the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse. Explore the region’s rich history in charming riverside towns like Grafton, or unwind in the peaceful hinterland of the Tweed Valley. From beautiful beaches to verdant national parks, North Coast NSW offers something for everyone.

The NSW North Coast is a region in New South Wales, Australia. It is a temporary area that has not been fully classified yet. It covers a large area of land, measuring about 3,996,591 hectares.

North Coast NSW has beautiful coastal towns and world-class surfing spots.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about North Coast NSW, including information on its main attractions and the best time to visit.

The best time to visit North Coast NSW is during the months of September to November (spring) and March to May (autumn). These seasons offer pleasant temperatures, less rainfall, and fewer crowds, allowing you to fully enjoy the region’s stunning beaches and outdoor activities.

The North Coast is dotted with hidden gems and secluded beaches, providing serene and less crowded spots for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts to explore and unwind.

The North Coast of NSW is renowned for surfing. Crescent Head, Lennox Head, and Byron Bay all offer great surf breaks.

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